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Welcome to the HRDC Publicity Manager

The HRDC Publicity Manager web portal allows you to directly manage the contents of your web page on the HRDC website, as well as the information that will go in the HRDC newsletter.

It is also where you should maintain an up-to-date directory of show’s entire cast and staff, both for display on the website and for archival purposes.

Editing your Show

When you log in to the website, you should see a list of shows you are an executive staff member on. These are the shows you will be able to manage.

Under “HRDC Apps for PDSMs”, you should be able to navigate to “Show Publicity”, where you will again see your shows listed in the sidebar.

Once the publicity coordinator has set up your webpage and linked it to the publicity manager, any changes you make within the publicity manager will be live as soon as you hit “Save Changes”.

General Information

Most information related to your show will be updated on the “Show Info” page.

If items are left blank, they will either be omitted, or in some cases listed as “TBD”.

Masthead Credits

Masthead credits should include the author and composer (if applicable), as well as the director and other executive staff members. The reccomended format is:

Written by Author’s Name

Directed by Director’s Name ‘20

Produced by Producer 1 ‘19, Producer 2 ‘22


Cover Graphic

You may choose to supply a cover graphic (if you have a Facebook cover photo, it should work well here too) to be displayed at the top of your webpage.

Email for Publicity

This email address will be listed as a contact email for questions. We suggest you use your email account for this purpose.

If you have a link where patrons can acquire tickets, supply it here.

About the Show

Your primary blurb and text space on the page. Any links or email addresses you include in this box will be clickable.


The show’s runtime, e.g. “1 hour w/ 10 minute intermission”, “90 minutes”. If this is left blank, the webpage will say “Runtime: TBD”.

Term for Pit Musicians

If your show is a musical or otherwise includes a corps of musicians, select the header that should be used for them. You must select a value other than “Not Applicable” for “Band” personnel to show up on the webpage, but they will be referred to via whatever term you select.

Performance Dates

You can list as many performance dates as needed, and add and remove them at will. A date and time picker will pop up when you select one of the inputs to ensure the date and time are formatted correctly, as it will not save if they are not.

You can also list a note for each performance date, such as “Free with HUID” or similar. The note will be displayed in parentheses next to the date and time.

Personnel List

Please list everyone involved in your show, from executive staff to build crew to cast members to pit musicians.

The directory editor will always display all of the people you have already added, plus one blank person at the bottom, so after adding each person just hit “Save Changes” to be able to add another.

When adding personnel, you can search by name, email, or phone from within the app’s existing database of users to find your staff, cast, or band member. If the system cannot find the person you are looking for, you will be given the option to add a new person to the system. To do so, you must provide their name, email, year, and affiliation. Doing so will also invite them to fill out and update their profile in the system themselves.

If someone is not happy with how their name is displayed, they must log into the app themselves and edit their profile here. Any changes they make will be reflected immediately.

The “Type” selector controls whether the given person will appear in the “Cast”, “Staff”, or “Musician” section on the webpage, or for people listed in the masthead that you do not wish to duplicate, you may select “Hidden”. The heading that will be used for the “Musicians” section is selectable on the “Show Info” page.

By default, people will be listed in the order you add them, and you may ignore the order field. However, to control the ordering of the list, simply supply a number in the order field, and people will be sorted from lowest to highest order.

For ensemble roles or large crew positions, list each individual separately. The system will combine them and display them together in the cast or crew list. You can also omit the “Role or Position” field if desired, for shows with a purely ensemble cast of performers.


You also have the ability to import your staff list from your venue application. Upon pressing that button, all of the staff members from your application will be copied into the publicity manager. You may then further edit your staff list, adding or removing people or changing their roles.

After your cast has signed through the Common Casting portal, you can also import your cast list from there. Pressing that button will add an entry to the publicity manager for each person who has accepted their role in the Common Casting portal. You can then further edit your cast list as well.

The Preview Page

If your show is enabled in the publicity manager, but not yet linked to the public website, you can use the preview page to view what your show will look like on the website.

Note that once your show is linked to the public site, all changes will appear there immediately upon being saved.

Help and Support

If your shows appear on the home page but not in the publicity manager, talk to the publicity coordinator to have them enabled.

If you run into problems or have a question about how to use this site, please email [email protected]. If you encounter an error, please include when the error occurred, and as much specific information about what happened as possible.