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Welcome to the HRDC Archival Tool

The HRDC Archival web portal allows you to easily upload your poster, program, production photos, and any other materials you would like, to be (publicly) archived for posterity. At this time, there is no way for the public to view archived materials, but this functionality will be added soon.

Managing your Show

After logging in to the app, under “HRDC Apps for PDSMs”, you should be able to navigate to “Archival Tool”, where you will see your shows listed, with an X or checkmark if you have submitted all required materials.

Poster and Program

You can upload copies of your poster and program via the “Manage Show” link for each show in the sidebar. This page is also where you can see a detailed list of items you need to submit and whether you have submitted them.

Production Photos

Uploaded production photos will be visible on the “Manage Show” page, but to upload new ones use the “Upload Materials” link. There you can select one or more photos to upload (though for best results, avoid uploading more than a few at a time). You must also provide the photo credit, and you can opt out of allowing the photos to be used in general HRDC publicity materials, if desired.

If you are uploading photos taken by different people, upload them separately so you can provide the correct photo credit for each of them, as the given credit will be applied to all selected files when you hit upload.

Once uploaded, the photos should appear on the “Manage Show” page, so make sure all of them uploaded successfully.

Additional Materials

Though it is completely optional, you may also upload and submit additional materials related to the show, which will be listed at the bottom of the “Manage Show” page and can be viewed or downloaded from there. If you can, submissions of design documents (light plots, groundplans, cue sheets, moodboards) or other paperwork related to the production are welcome! You can also submit other publicity materials to be preserved here.

For additional materials, you must provide the creator of the file, as well as a description or title for the file.

Help and Support

If you run into problems or have a question about how to use this site, please email [email protected]. If you encounter an error, please include when the error occurred, and as much specific information about what happened as possible.