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Welcome to Common Casting Online

To make common casting more efficient, the HRDC is now using a new online system to faciliate the audition, callback, cast list, and signing process.


When you show up to audition, instead of filling out a paper form, the common casting representatives will give you an online form to fill out and sign in.

The sign-in form first asks for your email and which shows you would like to audition for. It will then ask you to provide your contact information, any conflicts for the semester, and whether or not you might be interested in a technical or backstage job on each show if you are not cast. If you have auditioned for other shows via this system previously, you will not need to enter that information again; the system will remember it. As such, you can always return later and sign in to audition for more shows easily.

Once you are signed in, a representative from the show will bring you to the audition room when they are ready for you. If you have any questions about this process, please ask the common casting representative.

Updating Contact Information

Since the system will remember your contact information, if you ever need to update it you must set a password and log in to edit your profile. You may do this by going to the “Forgot password?” page on the website and following the instructions to set a password and log in. You may then edit your contact information and profile.

However, note that any shows you have already auditioned for may not notice any updates, so please reach out to them as needed.


When callback lists are released, the website will automatically email you with information about all of the shows and roles you have been called back for. Please read the email carefully for locations, dates, and times, and contact any shows you have questions about.

You may also view callback lists for the entire season online once they have been released.

Cast Lists

Similarly to callbacks, when cast lists are released you will receive an email notifying you of all roles you have been cast or listed as alternates for, as well as instructions on how to sign for your roles online.

Remember, shows cannot reach out to you at this point, so please contact them if you have any questions!

Again, you may also view cast lists for the entire season online once they have been released. These cast lists will be updated instantly as actors sign for their roles.


To sign, you must follow the link emailed to you to verify your identity to the system. This will bring you to a form where you may accept or decline the roles you have been offered. You may respond to as many as you would like, or leave some blank and come back to them later. However, once you submit responses, you may not change them and will be subject to the normal penalties if you then drop the show.

Also note that you will lose any first-choice roles you have been given if you do not accept them by the end of the signing period, and we cannot help you if you run into problems at the last minute.

If the link in your casting email notification does not work, you may get a new link emailed to you. If you are still unable to sign, please contact the campus liason immediately.


If you are an alternate for a role that has already been accepted, you will no longer be able to sign for that role. On the other hand, when an actor rejects a role for which they are the current first-choice, the next actor in line will receive an email notifying them that the role is now theirs if they accept it.

Ensemble Roles

For ensemble roles, many actors will be able to sign initially. As actors decline, additional actors, if listed, will be able to sign.

Help and Support

If you are unable to sign, please contact the president or campus liason immediately.

If you run into problems or have a question about how to use this site, please email [email protected]. If you encounter an error, please include when the error occurred, and as much specific information about what happened as possible.